Rauwolfia serpentina, Persea americana.


Place half (1.5 g) or one teaspoon (3 g) in a teacup (250 ml) of hot water and take once or twice daily. Dose may be adjusted as required.


Helps maintain balanced healthy blood preasure levels and supports heart and blood vessel health.

Mechanism Of Action

The product contains indole alkaloids such as reserpine and ajmaline which reduce the levels of norepinephrine at the neuromuscular junctions. These bioactive compounds also lead to decreased heart rate, cardiac output and peripheral resistance hence lowering blood pressure.


Avoid in patients with history of depression. May cause side effects such as swelling of the feet and body weakness. Do not use in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Additional Information

Please consult your health care practitioner while take this medicine and if symptoms persist seek medical advise. Closely monitor your blood pressure levels.